About Us

A big Hello to all the Dropshippers out there!

We are Two partners Aayushi and Parth into Dropshipping since 2016 and already have a platform where we use to deal with so many queries related to dropshipping from beginners or People who are struggling with dropshipping every day. 

 After dealing with many Myths and Facts, Facing Failures and Success, learning from many paid and free courses about dropshipping, and a lot of researches as well, we both decided to make a platform which is DROPSHIPPEDIA to spread all the information and right guidance to our Dropshipping Family.

We aim to grow the success rate of the E-commerce business by sharing real facts and myths about Dropshipping every week. From the journey of “What is Dropshipping?” to “How to make Dropshipping store successful?”, We will cover all the necessary knowledge every Dropshippers needs to be aware of!

Instead of becoming E-commerce Gurus, We are trying to give right and real facts and knowledge about Dropshipping to all the people, whether they are aware of the word Dropshipping or not, Because people call themselves guru by selling courses, But with Dropshippedia, every Blog will be based on real experiments and researches.

Here are some Articles you should check out to know About Dropshipping as a Beginner:-

If you are enjoying our articles and excited for upcoming Dropshipping topics, then Stay tuned with Dropshippedia to get all the latest updates on Dropshipping to Grow your business in the right way.

So let’s stop DAY DREAMING and start with all the right elements, we wish you good luck for the journey!